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Pre-sales Service

According to customer development needs, provide corresponding guidance and equipment information;
Solve the problems raised by customers, formulate solutions from the feasibility and the development needs of the industry in the region;
Provide large scale optical fiber equipment exhibition hall to facilitate customers to visit the factory strength;

On-purchase Service

Conduct field analysis on customer's processing site, assist customer to plan and design site, water, electricity and gas equipment, etc.
Train the client's equipment operators on basic theory, protection and equipment operation before delivery.
At the site of installation and debugging, our company's personnel will train the customer's equipment operators and put them into production as soon as possible.

After sale Service

Provide maintenance service after installation and debugging on site;Within the warranty period,

The company arranges personnel to conduct customer searching and regular maintenance and inspection of equipment on an irregular basis every year.
The company focuses on the industrial process solutions of customers and provides laser cutting solutions for customers.

Frequently Asked Question

Q:The cause and solution of edge burning for metal laser cutting machine

Laser cutting processing sheet metal parts will generate a lot of heat, heat to obtain timely diffusion, resulting in the phenomenon of burning.During the processing of the small hole, the outer side of the hole can be cooled, and the inner part of the single hole can be overburned and slagged because the space of heat diffusion is small and the heat energy is too concentrated.In addition, in the thick plate cutting, the molten metal deposited on the surface of the material and the heat accumulation during perforation will cause the turbulence of auxiliary air flow and excessive heat input, thus causing fever...

Q:Common problems and solutions in laser cutting of domestic medium and thick metal plates

Laser processing as a means of cutting materials has been accepted by sheet metal producers.Laser cutting machine has become the main means of metal processing enterprises.The laser cutting machine USES the focused high-power density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material can rapidly melt, gasify, ablate, or reach the ignition point. At the same time, by means of the high-speed airflow coaxial with the light beam, the molten material can be blown out, thus cutting the workpiece.

Q:How to reduce burrs during laser cutting machine cutting

Laser cutting machine is applied in sheet metal processing industry.Manufacturers use laser cutting machine processing sheet metal, because many manufacturers doubt that laser cutting machine quality problems, in fact, can not be attributed to the machine itself.Metal laser cutting machine in the process of cutting, due to improper operation, technical problems, its processing materials will also produce burrs...

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