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work area


1300*2500mm    /   1500*3000

laser power



Engraving speed



scanning percision



locating accuracy



A-B Parameter of cutting bed series product parameters

Above data is only for reference, To prevail in kind

An accurate path system

Red Cross accurate positioning, convenient and quick in finding engraving and cutting position.  

Three-mirrors and one focal lens path system to deliver outstanding engraving and cutting effect. 

Long service life

Equipped with water protector, better protection of laser, prolong the service life of laser, optional foot switch, make your operation more convenient. 

Open software interface

Open software interface, compatible with DXF, ai, PLT, DST, DSB and vector file such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG,MNG, equipotential graph format.  

Patent Technology

Patent technology: unique automatic convulsions smoke dust removal system Blow air protection .

Automatic dedusting system: stable performance, good dedusting effect, make the machine more durable.
Hair dryer protection: allows your machine to reduce damage and refresh.

It can increase the machine life, working time and machining efficiency

AnQiang Laster Focusing laser head

Equipped with manual modulation focused laser head, responsive and accurate, the machine can adjust the focus position according to engraving and cutting alternation and the material characteristics and thickness of the plank, to ensure sculpture quality.

The same laser head can quickly change the focusing mirrors with different focal lengths, which can satisfy the cutting of plates with different thickness.The laser head can be cooled by water all around the focusing assembly, and the high power and small volume can be cut for a long time without heating or fog.

Elegant design

Product appearance design

in an echo of the user, displaying the UI design, the usage is more intuitive;Elegant profile curve fits the fuselage design, powerful waterproof breathable system lets a space more meticulous, using much more smoothly.The manner of operation of the more fun and enjoyable feelings which can improve 

Super strength steel plate, industrial grade;The effective protection of equipmentrunning smoothly and life

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