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High performance cutting safety protection

AQ-0503 Series

Heavy duty high strength cast aluminum material seal processing environment without dust and environmental protection

Closed controls multiple protections

AQ-0605 Series

New trend of modern equipment safe operation and environmental protection

Dual use of plate and tube safety protection

AQ-6040 Series

Equipped with plate and tube double cutting device, the outer cover protection is more secure

Efficient selection of security protection

AQ-9060 Series

Rapid capacity increase

Dual platforms are really efficient

AQ-1325 Series

Equipped with automatic refueling platform speed

Dual platform multi-function

AQ-1325A Series

Plate-tube integrated ultra-fast switching platform

automatic cutting

AQ-1390 Series

Automatic feeding platform

Plates special

AQ-1390A Series

Seiko build

One machine can kill two birds with one stone

AQ-1390B Series

One device implements two types of profile cutting

Safety protection for coil cutting

AQ-1800 Series

The new trend of modern equipment is dustless and environment-friendly

Smart, light and delicate

AQ-1812S Series

Drawable table top is convenient for feeding and manpower saving


I3Linear  系列


Dual platform multi-function

AQ-1325B Series

Plate-tube integrated ultra-fast switching platform

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