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AQ-200FC fiber marker series 

Unique design, professional technology is guaranteed

Unique automatic exhaust dust removal system

Sensitive and accurate laser head




Working Aera



Laser power



Marking line speed



Laser wavelength



Minimum line width



AQ-200FC fiber marker Product parameters

Above data is only for reference, To prevail in kind

Powerful Image Processing 

the image processing (gray, white / black transition)
strong edit function node to modify the curve more easily

Open language 

Open language support system such that the various language running on the platform software becomes easy.
IO operation more convenient, more coordination of the auxiliary equipment;

Automatic focus control

powerful automatic focus control function;
self - developed the first automatic - focusing function,
All intelligentAuto - detect and auto - calibration of the thickness, without 


Onekey to Intelligent marking

Q-P Series Fiber marking machine is designed with Europe standard, independent research and development of the first autofocus function which can all intelligent automatic inspecting thickness and automatic calibration, without manual operation. 

Original automatically lift door, marking machine automatically closed door before starting work, marking rises after the completion of automatic door.

AnQiang Laster   Flexible variable text

Flexible variable text: Changes the text real time while in laser processing. Excel datasheet is supported.

More convenient IO operations and more easier to harmonize the auxiliary equipments.

Elegant design

Product appearance design

in an echo of the user, displaying the UI design, the usage is more intuitive;Elegant profile curve fits the fuselage design, powerful waterproof breathable system lets a space more meticulous, using much more smoothly.The manner of operation of the more fun and enjoyable feelings which can improve 

beautiful shape and reliable quality

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